About The Project

Monday May 13th, 2019

SELAM is a project that aims to support immigrant integration by encouraging a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for all. The project seeks to tackle the difficulties of immigrant inclusion within European schools through innovative digital approaches such as an e-learning platform and digital guide. Both recourses will help support disadvantaged students and potentially prevent school dropouts. Integration begins right at school.

Today, more than ever, we are witnessing an increasing need to ensure that schools are welcoming and inclusive environments, specifically for immigrant children.  Why is bullying and exclusion of immigrant children in European schools on the rise? We believe the problem is not only due to cultural contrasts, but often stems from psychological ones. Unfortunately, it is the most fragile students (such as immigrants) who are already struggling with adapting to a completely new environment that are also the ones who suffer the effects of bullying. As a result, this can then go on to lead to early school drop outs and other difficulties in life.

The Selam e-learning platform will consist of a 10 lesson plans with unique and clear learning objectives. A significant focus will be on ensuring students participating understand the impacts that their actions, words and emotions can have on not just themselves, but on others who are experiencing violence due to ethnic or cultural differences. All resources developed from the project will also support and guide teachers and parents.